I Have Migraines – Am I Eligible for Disability?


Migraines are much worse than regular headaches, and typically are accompanied by nausea, light and sound sensitivity and vomiting. They typically last between 4 and 72 hours and may be preceded by an “aura.” Unfortunately, migraines are not included in the SSA’s bluebook definition of an impairment, so it may be difficult to prove that migraines are disabling on their own. However, if you receive consistent and frequent medical treatment for migraines and document their occurrences diligently you may be able to show that they preclude you from working a full-time job.

Talk to you doctor about whether there are tests that you can take that would rule out other conditions. Because there are not any migraine-specific tests, it is best to rule out other diagnoses as much as possible. You may consider keeping a migraine journal tracking the severity, frequency and duration of your migraines as well. Talk to your social security disability lawyer to discuss the evidentiary standards for a social security disability claim in more detail.



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