Aduhelm, a new Alzheimer’s treatment, may slightly increase Medicare premiums.

Aduhelm is a new Alzheimer’s medication recently approved by the Food and Drug administration with objections from the FDA’s scientific advisory panel. The price for Aduhelm was initially expected to cost roughly $56,000 per year per patient. That amount was reduced to an expected annual cost of $28,800. 


Part B of the Medicare plan would be responsible for Aduhelm as an outpatient procedure. The Social Security Administration announced a 14.5% increase to their 2022 Part B premiums in expectation to the high costs and demand for Aduhelm. Still, the SSA has limited coverage to Aduhelm in 2022 with an anticipated increase in access in 2023. 


The 8.7% increase for Social Security Beneficiaries in 2023 will only be slightly limited by the increase in Part B premiums. 


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