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Viner Disability Law attorney interviewed for 9News Special Report!

Colorado news station, 9News, recently aired a special report on the Social Security disability program’s massive delay. The report highlights the hardship imposed on deserving applicants during the increasing wait time. Viner Disability Law attorney William Viner, Esq. was interviewed

CREST Syndrome (Limited Scleroderma)

Limited scleroderma, commonly known as CREST syndrome, is a type of autoimmune rheumatic disease that most often impacts the skin. In more serious cases, it may also affect the heart, lungs, and kidneys. Symptoms of CREST include tight, hardened skin

Government Shutdown and SSA Disability Benefits

While congress has momentarily reopened the government, it is not clear for how long.  Many people have questions about how a government shutdown impacts the Social Security Administration and specifically the disbursement of SSI and SSDI benefits. During a shutdown,

"Viner Disability Law understood that it wasn’t just about my disability benefits, they realized the major impact my medical condition had on my family, friends, and work. They helped me tell my story to the judge and get the benefits I needed to focus on getting back on my feet."