Do I need to see my doctor to collect disability benefits?

Yes. It is important to receive medical care before, during and after a claim for SSDI disability benefits.  If a claimant is not receiving medical treatment, Social Security won’t have evidence of the severity and impact on daily living.  The cost of medical insurance for an individual or family is often extremely difficult or unobtainable, but without some sort of recent medical evidence, the SSA won’t know whether the condition could improve and allow you to return to work.   If there is a lack of medical evidence in your file, a disability examiner will often schedule a Consultative Exam (CE) with a private physician. The Social Security CE’s are brief, thirty minute physical or mental health status examinations,  and rarely used as a basis of approval of any claim.  Unfortunately, an extremely high percentage of CE examinations are unfavorable to the claimant.  A claimant’s treating physician will often be the strongest opinion evidence in the file, which again, requires active medical care.  

If you’re uncertain whether you have enough medical treatment, or have additional questions, reach out to Viner Disability Law.