Fraud Alert!

Unfortunately, we have been hearing from some of our clients that they have received phone calls from a “Social Security representative” asking for their social security numbers and other personal information. This is a scam. Do not give out this information to anyone who calls you and claims to be from the Social Security Agency. Things to know:

  1. The SSA will never call you and threaten to deactivate your Social Security number.
  2. The SSA will never ask you for your Social Security number if they call you (note that if you call the SSA, they may ask you for it to confirm your identity). Never give your number or confirm the last four digits if a stranger contacts you.
  3. Never give your bank account information to someone who contacts you and asks for it.
  4. If you have caller ID, it may show the Social Security’s true national phone number (1-800-772-1213), but it still may be a fraudulent call. Please beware.

Please watch this helpful Social Security video:

You can also report fraud to the Office of the Inspector General at