Social Security’s Listing of Impairments – Adult Listings (Part A)

The Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Listing of Impairments describes impairments, categorized by major body systems, that the SSA considers severe enough to preclude a worker from performing any substantially gainful activity (SGA), including substantial part-time and any full-time employment. All of the listed impairments are permanent, expected to result in death, or have a specific statement of duration which equals or exceeds a minimum of twelve continuous months. Part A of the Listing of Impairments contains all of the medical criteria used by the SSA in evaluating impairments in adults, defined as individuals who at least eighteen years of age.

Provided you are not working, if you have an impairment listed in the SSA’s Listing of Impairments and your impairment meets or equals the criteria specified in the relevant listing, the SSA will most likely find that you are unable to perform any substantially gainful activity and are therefore eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

Below are the major body system sections for Part A of the Listing of Impairments:
1.00 Musculoskeletal System
2.00 Special Senses and Speech
3.00 Respiratory Disorders
4.00 Cardiovascular System
5.00 Digestive System
6.00 Genitourinary Disorders
7.00 Hematological Disorders
8.00 Skin Disorders
9.00 Endocrine Disorders
10.00 Congenital Disorders that Affect Multiple Body Systems
11.00 Neurological Disorders
12.00 Mental Disorders
13.00 Cancer (malignant neoplastic diseases)
14.00 Immune System Disorders

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