Stop the Wait Act: Ending the Five-Month Offset

Stop the Wait Act HR 4386

Pending legislative would end the five-month waiting period, or offset, for social security disability insurance (SSDI) past due benefits. Currently, disabled claimants approved for SSDI benefits have five months of past due benefits subtracted from the total owed amount. This is the five-month ‘waiting’ period.

HR 4386 would end this illogical and draconic offset, and allow for benefits to be paid starting from the month a person became disabled. This would remove the five-month ‘waiting’ period.

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Deserving Claimants, who have paid into the SSDI program, should not miss out on five-months of past due benefits. There is no rationale reason for the five-month waiting period, no governmental interest, to make a disabled Claimant who has already been approved for benefits, often after multiple years of waiting for a favorable decision.

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