What Events Require Me to Contact the Social Security Administration? 

If you currently receive Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI) the Social Security Administration (SSA) must be notified if you; A) return to work, B) collect additional disability benefits from other sources, or C) receive a pension from a prior job. Additionally, the SSA needs to be notified if your marital status changes.

If a claimant is working and still disabled, the SSA will allow a trial period for work and a claimant will be able to continue to receive benefits for up to nine months. If a claimant collects additional disability benefits, their monthly SSDI check may be reduced. If a claimant starts receiving a pension from a prior job that did not pay Social Security taxes, the SSA must be notified. If a claimant’s marital status changes, the SSA needs to be notified as it may affect a claimant’s SSDI eligibility.

If you have any additional questions about your claim, please contact us.

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