How Do Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) Affect Taxes?

Income dictates whether SSDI benefits are taxable. To determine whether your SSDI benefits are taxable, add one-half of your disability benefits to your other sources of income. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) determines the income threshold. For a single individual,

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Working When Applying for Benefits

While it can take a long time to get approved, working while a disability application is pending can often impact the claim for disability benefits.   Technically, the SSA does not consider earnings under $1,310 per month (gross wage) as work

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Do I need to see my doctor to collect disability benefits?

Yes. It is important to receive medical care before, during and after a claim for SSDI disability benefits.  If a claimant is not receiving medical treatment, Social Security won’t have evidence of the severity and impact on daily living.  The

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