Winning a Seizure Disability Case

Proving your disability case on the basis of seizures activity can be difficult.  Often the difficult issue is proving the frequent and duration of seizure episodes.  It is vital that you maintain frequent visits with you neurologist.  Seizures are sudden

Difficulties Proving Mental Health Impairments and How To Overcome

Social Security disability cases involving mental health limitations are denied at a much higher rate than physical illnesses in Colorado and across the nation.  Why?  The answer is due to the difficulties obtaining objective evidence to prove your case.    A successful

Viner Disability Law attorney interviewed for 9News Special Report!

Colorado news station, 9News, recently aired a special report on the Social Security disability program’s massive delay. The report highlights the hardship imposed on deserving applicants during the increasing wait time. Viner Disability Law attorney William Viner, Esq. was interviewed