Adult Continuing Disability Reviews


What is a Continuing Disability Review (CDR)?  About every three years a SSDI/SSI recipient’s case undergoes a Continuing Disability Review (CDR). The CDR is conducted by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to make sure a recipient still meets the eligibility requirements for disability, or if his or her condition has improved to the extent that a return to work is possible.  SSA will schedule a CDR and transfer the case to the Disability Determination Service (DDS).  DDS will mail a letter requesting current medical sources and information regarding recent work activity.  DDS will then review the medical evidence and may send the recipient to be examined by a Social Security doctor.  This examination is similar to the consultative examination preformed at the initial determination level.


Adult disability benefits can be taken away only if the evidence shows that an individual’s medical condition has improved to the extent they can resume work.


If an individual is incarcerated, for either a felony or misdemeanor, his or her benefits will be stopped, either temporarily or permanently.


If a recipient is over the age of 50, or if the medical condition is unlikely to ever improve, a CDR may happen only every seven years