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Impact of The Reintroduction of the Reconsideration stage

In January 2019, SSA reintroduced a new stage in the disability process: the reconsideration.  This means if a person is denied social security disability benefits at the initial (first) stage, they are forced to go through a reconsideration, instead of

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Massive increase in fake or fraudulent phone calls from the SSA

Be aware!  Recently, there has been a massive increase in calls from people pretending to be the Social Security Administration.  The person on the phone will often mention ‘fraudulently activity’ on your account, or with your social security number (SSN). 

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Excellent article about relationship between the economy and disability program

A recent NPR article details the relationship between the economy and social security disability program.  For the first time in decades, the disability applications are dropping.  The article notes this is due to the extremely strong economy, which requires a

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