Compassionate Allowances – Fast Determinations for Severe Conditions



The Social Security Administration gives special, expedited consideration for certain severe conditions, such as many inoperable cancers, early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and acute leukemia. The program is called the “Compassionate Allowance” initiative and enables the SSA to address the most severe and obviously disabled cases quickly. In Denver and across Colorado, a case can be filed and awarded within three months. For a comprehensive list of conditions considered by the Compassionate Allowance program, see


If you have an impairment that is contemplated by the Compassionate Allowance program, you can start receiving benefits in a relatively short amount of time and with comparatively little medical evidence. The SSA uses the same standard when considering whether a claimant may be eligible for the program for both SSI and SSDI. Although the Compassionate Allowance program enables the SSA to make a faster disability determination, claimants awarded SSDI still have a five-month waiting period after their disability onset date to receive benefits. A disability lawyer can help you determine whether you are eligible for Compassionate Allowances program.