Could “Long COVID” Create an Influx of New SSDI Beneficiaries?

Long COVID” is the term for those who get COVID and suffer long term symptoms. Many of these symptoms are severe such as chronic fatigue, loss of cognitive function, poor vision, and difficulty breathing. A website on clinical medicine reported that 88 percent of people with long haul COVID reported having cognitive issues. 


The National Bureau of National Research reported that many long haulers are choosing to get out of the workforce completely due to their severe symptoms. Liberty Street Economics says, “since February 2020, there has been an increase of about 900,000 disabled working-age persons who are employed, and a small increase in the disabled who are unemployed, resulting in a net increase of close to one million disabled persons in the labor force since the pandemic began.”


What does this mean for disability benefits? It means that there will likely continue to be an increase in applicants who wish to receive benefits due to long COVID. It also means that businesses will be expected to create accommodations for those suffering from long COVID in order to keep them in the workforce. It is unclear how the symptoms will be categorized with the Americans with Disabilities Act. To learn and to get the latest updates visit Viner Disability Law.