How to Expedite Your Social Security Disability Claim

Nearly all applicants for Social Security disability benefits would like the Social Security Administration (SSA) to process their disability claim as fast as possible and issue a fully favorable decision. While the timeline for a decision on an initial application in Colorado is very much dependent on the workflow and claims backlog at Disability Determination Services (DDS), there are a few ways that claimants can maximize their chances of receiving the quickest decision possible.

First, it is important that claimants from the SSA with complete information when filing their claim and filling out SSA’s work history and adult function reports. If the claims examiner reviewing your claim encounters missing information, such as the name of one your doctors or a hospital where you received emergency medical treatment, and has to contact you to fill in the gaps, your claim will be necessarily delayed while the claims examiner obtains this missing information.

Second, if it all possible, a claimant seeking the quickest decision possible should attempt to submit all of their medical records documenting their medical treatment shortly after filing their claim for benefits. While obtaining these records can prove to be time-consuming and can sometimes be expensive as certain treatment providers charge patients for copying or printing records, providing them to the SSA directly can expedite your claim in that SSA no longer has to spend time requesting and obtaining these records for you. Because you will have already provided all of your medical records, a claims examiner can go straight to reviewing your medical records and evaluating your claim.

Lastly, all disability claimants should check the SSA’s Compassionate Allowance Initiative (CAI) list to see if their medical condition meets the criteria for expedited processing. Though the list is mainly comprised of terminal illnesses and there are no special procedures to follow if your claim is on the list, knowing whether or not your claim is eligible for expedited processing via CAI can give you a more realistic idea of how long it will take for the SSA to provide you with a decision in your claim.

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