Is Social Security Insurance Available for Disabled Children?

The short answer is yes, social security insurance (SSI) may be available for children who are disabled.  Examples of disabilities include conditions like autism, cognitive disabilities, behavioral disabilities, blindness, and physical disabilities. Children must be under 18 years old or 22 years old and regularly attending school. 


SSI is available for families with disabled children to help alleviate the financial burden of doctors’ visits, medical equipment, and other necessary costs. SSI not only offers monthly checks for financial support it also means that your child may automatically be eligible for Medicaid benefits as well. Medicaid benefits offer long term insurance that may not be available through other plans. Medicaid specializes in medical equipment and care that other insurance provides may not cover. 


Household income is a major determining factor on whether your family will be eligible for SSI.  If your family has more than $3,000 of assets or resources, the child will likely not be eligible for SSI.  Contact us to learn more about whether SSI benefits or Medicaid is the right choice for your family and child. You can learn more about your eligibility by reading resources offered by the Social Security Administration or by contacting us at Viner Disability Law.