Massive increase in fake or fraudulent phone calls from the SSA

Be aware!  Recently, there has been a massive increase in calls from people pretending to be the Social Security Administration.  The person on the phone will often mention ‘fraudulently activity’ on your account, or with your social security number (SSN).  The fraudster is often aggressive and threatening, and at times appears to have a limited use of the English language.

The person will only know the last 4 digits of your SSN and request that you confirm the entire number.  Do not confirm the SSN or provide any identifying details.

The SSA is actively working on shutting down these fraudulent calls but progress is slow, at best.  We believe the fraudsters are capturing phone numbers from calls in/out of the SSA, and from agency records.  Thankfully, the only information the fraudsters have is your phone number, and that you are actively working on a case or issue with the SSA.


What to do


Ask the caller to confirm the following information (SSA has this information on file, and the fraudulent callers do not):

  • Full SSN
  • Mother’s madien name
  • Fathers middle name
  • Place of birth

If the caller can accurately provide the above information, the call is from the SSA.

Alternatively, you can request the callers information and contact number, and confirm this is an active SSA office.


Finally, you can note the callers name and number, and call my office to confirm this is actually the SSA.  We know the SSA phone numbers and can easily confirm.


Call attorney Will Viner at 720-515-9012 if you believe you have been contacted by a person pretending to be the SSA.