Med-9 Form and SSDI/SSI Disability

The Med-9 is a form commonly used by Health and Human Services to determine medical eligibility for various government benefits.  For example, the Aid for Needy and Disabled (Colorado) program will require the Med-9.  To be completed by a medical professional, the Med-9 offers a concise and simple tool for determining whether an applicant is able to work. It relies heavily on a tool called the residual functional capacity scoring matrix which assigns points based on different factors in the applicant’s life such as age, education, work history, and physical or mental limitations.

While the Med-9 is certainly helpful, there are significant limitations when utilized in the SSDI/SSI disability application process.  The form offers extensive conclusory information regarding an applicants ability to work but fails to explain why this conclusion is correct or how it was reached.  SSA disability judges are required to analyze the justification for the conclusion, or rather, the judge will not take the doctors word for the conclusion, and will need to see the underlining medical evidence.  Thus, the Med-9 represents merely a positive first step towards a more comprehensive and detailed assessment that will greatly aid in your disability case.

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