My SSDI Check is Late. Now What?


Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) provides benefits to millions of Americans who unable to work due to their disability. Many of these people rely on their checks to pay for necessities and if a check is late, it may have catastrophic consequences. 


SSDI checks are distributed monthly on the same date each month. The date of delivery is dependent on the beneficiaries’ birthday. The Social Security Administration provides this example:

Payment Days

Day of Birth Assigned Payment Day
1st – 10th Second Wednesday of the month
11th – 20th Third Wednesday of the month
21st – 31st

Fourth Wednesday of the month


If your check is late there are a few things you should do first to make sure it is a temporary problem. First, have you moved recently and did you provide the SSA with your updated address? Secondly, is there a change in your banking? A change in bank account, updated direct deposit information, or using a new bank may delay your SSDI check. 


Reach out to your local SSA office and make sure they have the more updated information on file. A more effective option is to reach out to a disability attorney who may be able to provide more answers and provide solutions. 


If you have questions about your disability check, contact us at Viner Disability Law.