SSA Ranks Among the Lowest in Employee Engagement and Communication

The Federal News Network reported that the Social Security Administration (SSA) ranked near the bottom when surveyed about employee engagement and inter-office communications. Mark Hinkle, the SSA Press Officer said the poor results are likely due to increased workload as employees return to in-office work. The SSA has seen the largest employee deficit in over twenty-five years. Hinckel said that the deficit and low employee return will, “increase our customers’ wait times for service, increase processing times and lead to increases in pending workloads.” 


Due to the high workload, 42% of SSA employees said that they would take other employment if a comparable opportunity came up. That response was second only to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. 


Another reason for the low employee response is technology. Many employees feel that they are forced to work to make up for a lack of efficient technology. Acting Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi confronted the issues of poor survey results and technology. “When you’re pulling back from what has been maximum telework posture, and there are these shifts, there are a lot of unknowns, I think it’s natural to see how that gets reflected in the survey,” Ahuja said.