The purpose of the function report

The function report (questionnaire) sent from the SSA will ask you to describe a typical day, or to describe how your impairment has impacted or prevented you from doing things such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, or walking the dog.  These forms require you to reflect upon your typical day.  SSA is using your information about what you do at home to make a decision about what they think you can do at work.

Any activity you tell them you are capable of performing at home, SSA will assume you are capable of performing that same activity at work. Unless, of course, you explain how you are able to perform that activity. (i.e., one step at a time, extra help, impact of doing the activity).  For example, if you state in your questionnaires that you are able to go for walks during the day, go shopping for extended periods of time, perform household chores, etc., SSA will ASSUME you could do the same activities at work.

So how should you fill out the function report?  Our best advice is to remember how you have had to CHANGE the way you perform the activities as a result of your disability, and inform SSA of the changes you have had to make in your life due to your disability.

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