What is a Partially Favorable Decision?

Navigating the complexities of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims can be daunting, especially when you encounter terms like “partially favorable decision.” Understanding what this means is crucial for applicants in Denver, Colorado, and beyond, seeking assistance through SSDI or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

A partially favorable decision from the Social Security Administration (SSA) typically indicates recognition of your disability but with contention over the alleged onset date (AOD)—the date you claim your disability began. This date is pivotal as it influences the amount of back pay you might be entitled to.

When applying for SSDI benefits, accurately pinpointing and substantiating your AOD with robust medical evidence is essential. This evidence should illustrate not only the onset of your disability but also its persistence and the continuity of your medical consultations. Without this, the SSA may assign an established onset date (EOD) later than your AOD, potentially diminishing your retroactive benefits.

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