How to Recover Your Username or Password from SSA  

If you are having trouble logging into the Social Security Administrations (SSA) website, there are several solutions. 


If you need help finding your username, go to SSA’s login page. You will need the following to recover your username. 1) The email address you used when you made your SSA login. 2) Your Social Security number. 3) Your date of birth. When you have all three, visit the SSAs login page and click on “forgot username.” You will then enter the information asked and your username will appear. 


If you have forgotten your password, SSA provides a way to recover it. First, visit the SSA login page. 


To get temporary access you will need three things:

1) Your username. 

2) Your Social Security number. 

3) Your date of birth.


You will enter this information in the appropriate fields and then click next. You will then be prompted to answer the security questions you created when you first logged into the SSA website. If you remember the answers to the security questions, simply type the answers in the appropriate box. You will also be asked to confirm your phone number or email address. The SSA will send you a security code to either your phone or email and you will need to enter that code in the appropriate text box. 


If you do not remember the answers to your security questions, click on the “I can’t remember my answers” box. You will then be asked to submit your email address or cell phone number to verify your information. 


If you accidentally submitted your information incorrectly too many times, the SSA will lock your account for security reasons. If this happens, do not worry, simply visit the SSA help desk

If you are having problems accessing your account and would like some help, contact us at Viner Disability Law.